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“Best Sci-fi Romance Webcomic”

  – 2016 SFR Galaxy Awards

“This sci-fi-war-romance is a digital debut that captures the heart by subverting the expectations of characters and readers alike.”

  – Ink magazine

“The art in Flesh Machine is deceptively simple, with a hint of Mike Mignola influence, but this comic is one cool science fiction story for older readers. Once you start reading Flesh Machine, it is easy to get warped right into this mysterious and provocative universe.”

  – Farel Dalrymple, writer/cartoonist of Pop Gun War and the New York Times bestseller The Wrenchies

Flesh Machine is a free sci-fi war story romance webcomic by Michael Avolio.

The comic is on temporary hiatus due to my chronic pain, but you can read over 200 pages of the story so far in the archives and sign up for my mailing list to be notified when I start posting new pages again.

New readers should start from the beginning:

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