Michael Avolio


Hi! I’m indie cartoonist Michael Avolio. I’m a former theater actor and director who’s returned to his first love: comics.


In my current project Flesh Machine, I’m blending science fiction adventure with war story and love story elements.


Flesh Machine is one continuous story; new readers should start from the beginning here.


I update the comic with new pages weekly on Tuesdays.


Flesh Machine is my first comic.


“The art in Flesh Machine is deceptively simple, with a hint of Mike Mignola influence, but this comic is one cool science fiction story for older readers. Once you start reading Flesh Machine, it is easy to get warped right into this mysterious and provocative universe.”
(Farel Dalrymple, writer/cartoonist of Pop Gun War and the New York Times bestseller The Wrenchies)


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Michael Avolio